Some homes come with patios already installed, some of them even wrap around the sides of the house. Patios are great for homes built in 4 season areas, they block the rain, snow, sleet and sunshine for times that homeowners want to sit outside and watch the weather. These can be connected to or partially enclosed by the house. Patios are typically constructed directly on the ground. Many patios are made of materials like concrete, brick, gravel and tile.

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Many people invest in pergolas, which usually are not connected to a structure or home. Pergolas hold space in yards for enjoying the weather without being struck by direct sunlight or wind. Pergolas once were built with stone, but now they can even be built with vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. People use these structures to train plants that “climb” as they grow, like grapes and vines. These are a great accent for flower gardens, they can be used as sitting areas, a space for yard décor, or walkways leading to another part of your yard/garden.

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