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We have deck building down with our tried and true process. It starts with a free consultation with our deck building specialist. During this meeting, the types of decking and Ideas for the layout are discussed. We can share pictures of our past work and look at any that you would like to incorporate. Color schemes and lighting options, if any, are considered at this time as well. After we gather all the necessary information our deck specialist will work up a detailed bid and email it to you for your consideration. If you have any requests for changes we can easily alter the quote. Our deck specialist will be available to answer any questions and will be there every step of the way.

After approval is given we select a date to start the work. On the first day, our crew will arrive to prepare the yard for the new deck.  This first stage may include moving sprinkler lines, digging post holes, trimming bushes, and delivering the materials.

Once the area is ready we install the posts and bracing boards as needed. When the posts are ready we start with a skeleton frame. Wood is cut and secured in place to build a foundation platform that the decking material will be secured to.

There are several options when it comes to decking material. Composite decking is more expensive, however, it lasts much longer. If a wood deck is preferred, we make sure to select only premium lumber. We make sure to thoroughly fasten the deck planks after carefully cutting to size. Afterward, railing and trim installed. If the decking is made of wood, it is sanded and sealed with a stain of your choosing. If desired we can install gas lines, lighting, and electrical outlets with the deck.

Once complete we do any needed touchups and perform a final cleaning. If repairs to the yard are needed we do them at this time. Once complete your new deck will be an area of your yard that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

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Some homes come with patios already installed, some of them even wrap around the sides of the house. Patios are great for homes built in 4 season areas, they block the rain, snow, sleet and sunshine for times that homeowners want to sit outside and watch the weather. These can be connected to or partially enclosed by the house. Patios are typically constructed directly on the ground. Many patios are made of materials like concrete, brick, gravel and tile.


Many people invest in pergolas, which usually are not connected to a structure or home. Pergolas hold space in yards for enjoying the weather without being struck by direct sunlight or wind. Pergolas once were built with stone, but now they can even be built with vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. People use these structures to train plants that “climb” as they grow, like grapes and vines. These are a great accent for flower gardens, they can be used as sitting areas, a space for yard décor, or walkways leading to another part of your yard/garden.



Fences in the US are typically seen around the front of homes, but the back- same goes with establishments/businesses. They are a really great way to keep your backyard separate from your neighbors. Whether the reasoning be because of pets, children, or just privacy; it’s not an uncommon thing to see people investing in every day. Fences are usually made of materials like chain-link, wood-panels, and vinyl fencing.

Express is happy to assist homeowners in building new and fun additions to their happy homes.

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Remove the old fence

Move fencing section forward as far as allowed by the city, towards the sidewalk

Build new fencing to match existing

The new fence will close off the yard and extend down the driveway

Move any sprinkler heads as needed

Vinyl Fence Installation

Install vinyl fencing with gates

All posts will be concreted into the ground

Cedar Fence Installation

Fence posts will be 4x4 pressure treated posts, concreted into the ground

Slats will be 6-foot tall cedar pickets.


Chain link fence option

Install metal fence posts

Concrete into ground

Install chain link fencing 6 feet high around the perimeter

Exterior railings and steps

Install aluminum railings

Re-build concrete stairs leading into the interior of the home from the garage



Deck Replacement

Remove and haul away all existing deck boards and railing

Ensure all framing and posts are in good shape, and repair/replace as needed

Install new railings

Install water drain system on deck

Install new decking material

Install redwood or Trex treads on all stairs

Install aluminum railing around deck and on stairs

Install new wall lights on the bottom of the patio

Tie into existing electrical and match lighting

Pull building permit. All work will be inspected by the city and built to code

Deck Repair

Remove and haul away all deck treads, railings, awning, stair treads and stair framing

Replace rotten posts

Replace stair stringers with new

Make stairs so they are not as steep as they currently are

Replace all joist hangers with new

Make any necessary repairs to the framing of the deck, and ensure it is up to code


Frame a solid overhang over a deck

Attach to the existing roofline

Build overhang and then shingle the top side to match the roof, and install vinyl soffit on the underside to match existing soffits

Remove existing rain gutters on home and make necessary adjustments to have rain gutter modified around the new overhang

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