A kitchen remodel is one of the most effective ways to increase your home's value and appeal. Whether you want to capitalize on an upcoming sale or just want to add long-term value, there are few better ways to do so than with a kitchen remodel. Your kitchen plays a major role in your household. It's where your family cooks, dines and spends time together. As one of the central hubs of your home, you want to be confident that everything in it works properly, while also looking great.

Kitchen remodel SLC
Kitchen remodel salt lake city

Do you find yourself wondering if certain spaces in the design of your kitchen work out better on paper than in practice? Perhaps a tough-to-open cabinet, or a corner you're constantly bumping into? Call us today to find out how we can redesign your space for better flow, add extra storage space or boost your home's functionality. Remodeling your home not only helps it feel like a new space but also helps make it compatible with future updates. No more trying to match your newer home decor to outdated flooring or trim!

Kitchens should be a place of tranquility where mom can cook up their favorite meal. With our help, we can customize solutions that get you the kitchen you and your family deserve. We understand that each homeowner has budgetary constraints, particular needs, expectations, and ideas so with this we are committed to devoting our passion to your reality. With something as simple as a paint change to a complete makeover. Consider some of the following popular kitchen remodel options:

  • Stylish sinks
  • Pull-out pantries
  • Tile or wood flooring
  • Kitchen island installations
  • Switch out lighting
  • Change patterns on walls
  • Add backsplash
  • Granite or quartz countertops


There's nothing like a large, expansive counter-top to prepare meals and entertain guests you are hosting. At Express Home Services, we feel that your counter-top should be spacious enough for all your kitchen essentials, with room to spare. Our team can install the countertop of your dreams!

Dealing with an outdated laminate that no longer compliments your cabinets or appliances? Or, worse - has become damaged with time and daily wear? Our experts at Express Home Services can help with all of your flooring needs! We install flooring of all types. Call today for a free estimate.

Has your garbage disposal not been working as it should? Or are you just getting tired of the look of your kitchen sink? From minor repairs to a complete replacement, Express Home Services can be of assistance.

Over the years, the piping in your home can become corroded and pose a risk to your property and belongings. When remodeling your kitchen, consider having us check your pipes - if we find an issue, one of our qualified technicians can help repair or replace the damaged sections.

kitchen remodeling company north salt lake ut
kitchen remodel north salt lake UT


Demo entire kitchen

Remove all existing cabinets, countertops and appliances.

Repair and or replace drywall for new openings and repair ceiling and retexture as necessary ready for paint

Make all necessary electrical changes for new appliances and lighting, replace all existing switches and plugs

Install new baseboards and door casing

Trim existing windowsill

Install can lights in kitchen with dimmers

Install engineered hardwood flooring in entire kitchen with soundproof and moisture resistant underlayment

Remove and dispose of all materials associated with project

Install a new smoke detector

Install owner provided appliances

Install new tile backsplash

Paint entire kitchen with colors of owners choosing

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