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Is that old paint job not doing it for you anymore? Does it make your home feel small or out-of-date? Painting provides structures with an aesthetic, tying the entire composition together. Express Home Services is here to help with any paint job, big or small. Give us a call today and we will get our lead foremen out to you to discuss your ideas, configure all wanted plans and transform them into a reality!

Our highly experienced team can match any color and texture on the inside or outside of your home while providing a precise well-done finish. We paint walls, ceilings, and trim. All of these include the use of primer and multiple layers of paint to assure no transparency.

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We only use Sherman Williams paint since it is top quality and has proven to work best both in and outside of the home. However, if you prefer a different brand, we are always willing to provide the tools to accommodate your needs! Our goal at Express is to reinvent your way of living, whether that be creating a space you find peace of mind in, bringing those around you closer together, or showing your neighbors who really has the best deck. We are here to help every step of the way! Call us today for a free bid!

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Inside, our process starts with removing all furniture from the designated areas in which we will be painting. We lay tarps down and tape anywhere that needs to be defined. We caulk over any holes and cracks and then begin with a coat of primer. Depending on the expected finish, we put multiple laying of primer to keep from any unwanted colors or tones showing through. We then roll or brush on the desired paint and when that is dry, we remove anything we brought in, clean up the area including vacuuming, and then return the furniture to its intended position.

Outside we paint fences, decks, stairs, and barns/garages. Prep outside of the home starts with power washing to assure a clean, easy to stick to surface. Then we continue with wire brushing and sanding to smooth any rough or bumpy surfaces. We then start taping paper and plastic to any area that will not be receiving paint such as windows, doors, and frames. After that, we start priming all areas covering evenly. Once the priming is completed, we can paint the surface, typically with a couple of layers.

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