When you need a hand with those little projects around the house you can rely on Express Home Services. Our friendly Handyman experts can help you with those little projects around your home and no task is too small. Our Handyman services include but are not limited to sheetrock repair, caulking, painting, picture hanging, pressure washing, sprinkler repair, deck and fence repair, furniture assembly and more. We have the tools and expertise to provide professional Handyman services. You can expect nothing less than quality craftsmanship from an experienced professional.

Water Damage Repair, Centerville, UT
Rain Gutter Repair, Bountiful, UT
Handyman, Bountiful, UT

Express Home Services is fully licensed and insured and our employees go through a background check. The owner has over 15 years' experience in providing services to homeowners just like you. Do you have a small task that won't take long, but you just need a little help with it? Don't fret, we have you covered. Call our project coordinator to discuss an hourly rate. Our reviews speak for themselves. Let us make you another satisfied customer!


Do you have an excessive amount of lamps plugged in throughout your home? Do certain parts of your house feel poorly lit or dim? Replacing or adding light fixtures can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. Express Home Services employs highly trained professionals to install lighting and electrical components to your home that will look great and work wonderfully.

Home is where the heart is, so let us make it look as warm and inviting as possible by installing the lighting essentials you need to brighten up your home. If you've had the same light fixtures since you originally purchased your home, maybe it is time to consider upgrading them to modernize the space.

Lighting can make or break a room. Dim lighting can make a space feel gloomy, or make it hard to show off your newly remodeled kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Did your home not come with ceiling lights in the closets? Or are there tucked away corners that could use some brightening up? Express Home Services can help, let our experts help light up your home!

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