Are you making room additions or changing up the layout in your home? To ensure the quality of your home addition or remodel, you need to know that your walls are sturdy and well-built. Express Home Services offers both drywall and framing services and our technicians have expert knowledge of both aspects to building walls.

Drywall, Ogde, UT
Porch Framing, Park City, UT
Doorway framing, St. George, UT

You can rest assured knowing that the experts at Express Home Services that are building the framing for your remodel or home addition are both knowledgeable and experienced in the field.

We take pride in our work and in our ability to think ahead when building your remodel's framework. We consider the future ductwork, plumbing, and electrical aspects to your home.

With everything that needs to be considered when constructing a home or addition, Express Home Services can be relied on to make everything fit perfectly into the framework.

Express Home Services assures the best drywall service in the Salt Lake County area. No drywall panel seams to be seen through the paint. You won't have to worry about the structure of doorways or windows being faulty. That would be due to our expert knowledge and experience here at Express Home Services.

Texture or no texture - either way, there are no seams showing through the paint! Our drywall service ensures that your wall will look amazing once it is finished.


Build wall to owners approval and desired specs

Frame walls, closets, and any necessary drops in the ceiling to cover all pipes and ductwork

Frame rooms to make ready for Sheetrock

Tape, mud, and texture all Sheetrock to match existing finishes in the home

Install Sheetrock and corner beads

Make all Sheetrock paint-ready

Tape, mud, and texture all Sheetrock

Walls will be smooth and ceilings will be textured to match the existing texture in the home.

Make everything paint-ready

Tape, tarp, and plastic all exposed areas

Repair all holes, dings, and cracks in walls and trim

Make necessary sheetrock repairs

Make all Sheetrock paint-ready

Move furniture into the center of garage and cover with plastic

Tape, tarp, and plastic all exposed areas

Entire walls will be painted so as not to see touch up spots

Prime and paint all areas to owners desired colors

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