Fences in the US are typically seen around the front of homes, but the back- same goes with establishments/businesses. They are a really great way to keep your backyard separate from your neighbors. Whether the reasoning be because of pets, children, or just privacy; it’s not an uncommon thing to see people investing in every day. Fences are usually made of materials like chain-link, wood-panels, and vinyl fencing.

Express is happy to assist homeowners in building new and fun additions to their happy homes.

Fence Install, West Jordan, UT
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Remove the old fence

Move fencing section forward as far as allowed by the city, towards the sidewalk

Build new fencing to match existing

The new fence will close off the yard and extend down the driveway

Move any sprinkler heads as needed

Vinyl Fence Installation

Install vinyl fencing with gates

All posts will be concreted into the ground

Cedar Fence Installation

Fence posts will be 4x4 pressure treated posts, concreted into the ground

Slats will be 6-foot tall cedar pickets.

Chain link fence option

Install metal fence posts

Concrete into ground

Install chain link fencing 6 feet high around the perimeter

Exterior railings and steps

Install aluminum railings

Re-build concrete stairs leading into the interior of the home from the garage

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