Are you letting Utah heat rob you of your comfort? At Express Home Services, we’re locked and loaded-fully equipped to chase away every threat to your cool, comfy hideout. Our Express Home Service’s team specializes in everything HVAC, from big or small-scaled installations to expert repairs and tune-ups. Our parent company is Humphrey Plumbing Heating and Air which has been serving customers in the Salt Lake City area for over 15 years!

Our thorough air conditioner diagnosis includes checking refrigerant pressure, coil and fan inspection, checking electrical components with a meter and more. After performing this diagnosis, out technician will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your air conditioner and provide several options for repair.

Residential and Commercial customers depend on Express Home Services for timely, quality, and affordable air conditioning repairs, maintenance, and installation solutions in Utah. You can relax knowing that our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable of central air conditioning installation with up to date training on current HVAC industry standards.

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We design our HVAC systems to achieve 0.5 static pressure. What that means for you is that you are getting a system that is going to operate with the proper airflow for the life of the system. Lack of airflow is one of the main reasons for air conditioner failure. If can cause many problems including freezing up, blower motor burn out, capacitor malfunction, and even compressor failure. Check out our air conditioner installation process here.

In many cases, we will set our furnaces on a base. This allows the system to draw air into itself from the bottom of the furnace AND from the side. We always install a filter rack that holds the filter in place and makes filter changes extremely easy.

HVAC installation is an art and shouldn’t be attempted by just anybody. With dozens of design considerations and hundreds of connections, it's important to go with a company with deep experience. An improperly installed HVAC system may start off working fine however over time problems will present themselves. Parts will continuously fail and some HVAC companies will gladly take your money every year while failing to inform you of your improperly designed ductwork which is at the heart of the problem.

When it comes to HVAC installation, the following saying definitely applies: The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten.

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Thinking about replacing your furnace or air conditioner? Please contact us today for a FREE estimate from Express Home Services.  We proudly install the best American-made Amana and Carrier central air and furnace systems. With our efficiently designed equipment, we are very competitive with our pricing and offer the best warranties. Express Home Services offers 10-year parts and labor on many of our furnaces and air conditioners. Some models even have lifetime unit replacements! Why do we offer such great warranties? Because we stand by the quality of our installations. Call the experts at Express Home Services!

Replacing your air conditioner is a major investment and you want the best product at a reasonable price. When properly installed, a central air system will cool your house evenly and remove humidity from the air inside your home. Removing humidity is crucial to retaining your home’s value, as too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew.

When choosing a central air system there are a lot of choices to consider. Let our experienced team come to you for a free in-person estimate to find the perfect air conditioner for your home. WE can determine what size, model, and efficiency that works best for your home, as well as putting together a customized package. Express Home Services will help you to understand the difference between models of air conditioners including 13 SEER, 14 SEER, 16 SEER, and even 2 Stage 18 SEER units.

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13 to 20 SEER efficiency

-1 or 2 stages of cooling

-Energy-efficient scroll compressor

-High-density foam compressor sound blanket

-High and low pressure cut out switches

-New 3” plastic AC pad

-Fully louvered jacket

-Indoor cased evaporative coil

-Insulated copper refrigerant lines and control wire

-Double pole breaker, and 10/2 wire

-RX-11 line flush and nitrogen blasting of pipes



-Vacuum pump system to 500 microns or lower to ensure no leaks

-Remove supply plenum to fit coil, rebuild plenum to coil, and seal connections

-Electrical whip, disconnect box, and fuses

-Skilled craftsmanship and installation

-Custom setup and calibration by a factory trained Technician

-Ecobee Wi-Fi thermostat

-Lifetime whole AC replacement on compressor failure

-10 year parts and 3 year labor warranty

-5 year labor if installed with furnace

-18 month no interest financing available

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Adjusting R22 OR R410A refrigerant to the proper levels and according to manufacturer specifications

Repairing leak to the refrigerant line. The repair will include removal of refrigerant from refrigerant lines, brazing source of leak, vacuum pumping and pressure testing refrigerant lines

Removal of the condenser fan motor and replaced with new OEM from dealer or equivalent. Will also include a new run capacitor for the motor as needed

Removal and replacement of circuit board with OEM circuit board. Includes obtaining the part from the dealer

Installation of a new disconnect box and replacement of high voltage electrical whip from disconnect box to the condenser. Will include wiring and mounting

Replacement of high voltage condenser capacitor with new. Includes rewiring and remounting.

Compressor change out will include recovery of refrigerant, removal of the old compressor, installation of the new compressor, installing liquid line filter dryer, re-wiring, re-brazing, flushing refrigerant lines with Rx11 and nitrogen, vacuum pumping system, and adding refrigerant to the proper level

Removing of cased evaporative coil panels and cleaning underside of the coil with chemical cleaner then reassembling

Removal of the blower motor and replacing with new OEM motor from dealer or equivalent. Will also include replacing the capacitor

Removal of the transformer and replacing with a new 115-volt 40 VA transformer. Further repairs may be needed once the transformer is replaced to determine the cause of failure

Installation of a Nest or Ecobee Wi-Fi thermostat

Locating and repairing short in high voltage circuit, tightening connections at contactor and breaker box, and replacing fuses if needed

Replacement of high voltage contactor with new. Will include re-wiring and re-mounting

Installation of a new evaporative coil with fixed refrigerant metering. The installation will include removal of refrigerant from indoor lines, rebuilding metalwork on the plenum, brazing refrigerant lines, redoing condensate line, vacuum pumping, and pressure testing refrigerant lines, and adjusting refrigerant to proper levels

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